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Sewing at our first event fixing a bike fixing a drill poster having a laugh & a chat busy Repair cafe
it costs nothing!
Repairs are free!
It costs NOTHING!
Download our poster.
Download our poster &
put it in YOUR window.
every 3rd Saturday. Tea and Cake
You pay for Tea, coffee &
if you feel peckish!

Come along & make our next event a success. Events on 3rd Saturday of every month. from 10:30 till 1pm

What's happening? Bring your broken stuff; electronics, clothing, laptops, tools... & our team of volunteer electricians, seamstresses, carpenters and other repair specialists will bring it back to life for FREE! It's very sociable too, if you want...
Come along & get stuff fixed & enjoy the cafe. All welcome.
We'll have a go at fixing almost anything, Lights, Kitchen equipment, gadgets, computers, toys...
If the repair needs a spare we tell you what you need, you decide if you buy it & we fit it next time

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@ The Lynch Chapel, Winscombe!

You can find it on The Lynch, Winscombe. From the centre of Winscombe... Head towards the recreation ground, follow the road round to the right. Its just past the old railway bridge on the left. PLENTY of parking.