October 2017 – Axbridge First School Academy visited our museum. They were visiting to investigate the theme “Who is King John?”. The whole school visited the museum over a couple of days and museum Trustees provided information on King John and why he is linked to the local area.



July 2017 – King Johns Hunting Lodge acquires Axbridge Station clock.


May 2017 – Andrea Oke, a Somerset based artist whose work focuses upon the preservation of memories. She was selected to take part in Muse:Makers in Museums and will spend the summer working with the volunteers and in Axbridge Museum.  Much of this project will involve local engagement and Andrea will be working with local schools, community groups and at the Axbridge  farmers market.

If you are part of a local community group or association in the Axbridge and District Museum catchment area and  would be interested in taking part in a workshop please get in touch

April 2017 -The 2017 season was opened by Axbridge Mayor, Councillor Ian Laken. A new temporary exhibition “The Inns of Axbridge” which runs till the end of May was seen for the first time. Some new exhibits are available. Details at our 2017 Season page

January 2017 – our Chair of Trustees involved in extra-curricular activities… Wassailing in Brent Knoll

May 2015 – the Wedmore Guides will be providing our temporary exhibition focussing on “Wedmore Guiding – yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

The Wedmore Guides have been given access to a treasure trove of memorabilia from a former guider who died recently, which covers most of the 92 years that the troop has been in existence, though, sadly, not the first couple of years. This will provide a considerable range of historic experience and, as they are a very active group, they will also have much to say about current events. As for tomorrow, it is good to know that they are thinking about what the future may hold and it will be fascinating to see how they perceive the continuing development of Guiding.

Summer 2014 – King Johns Hunting Lodge reveals its new project to remember those that contributed to the war effort of WW1. There is a plea for photograpghs of local people form that era. This coincides with Axbridge Remembers, a community event on 19th July 2014, in Axbridge Square. More information on theday’s events here

15/04/12 – A temporary Wedmore local history display opens. Hazel Hudson comes along to see.

14/03/12 – A temporary exhibition as a memorial to Philip Rahtz (major local archaeologist) opens.

31/03/12 – Axbridge Mayor, Baz Hamblin, with the Carinval Queen & her princesses meet to open the 2012 Season.

25/08/11 – Cheddar Valley Gazette carried a story about artist Chas Wethered. Chas’ artwork was on temporary display at the King Johns Hunting Lodge.

story about Chas Wethered in Cheddar Valley Gazzette

3/5/11 – Mendip Times (May 11) article documents the 2011 season opening of the KJHL.

KJHL article in Mendip Times
2/4/11 – King Johns Hunting Lodge is host to local dignitaries attending the Official opening for the 2011 season. Robin Goodfellow, Trust Board member & volunteer, sells the first ticket to Mayor Jeremy Gall & Mayoress Stephanie Gall.

Mayor buys 1st ticket

Axbridge Mayor, Jeremy Gall, buys 1st ticket. Pic by Bob Bryant.

16/03/11 – Kate Browne & Robin Goodfellow deliver a training course to new and existing custodians on the new exhibits & how best to help our visitors.

15/03/11 – The museum website gets a new fresh look, in time for the 2011 season.

5/03/11 – The Official opening of the museum will be on the 2nd April 2011 10.00am.  The museum will be opened by the Mayor and will have the Carnival Queen and princesses with other local dignitaries in attendance.

1/03/11 – The King Johns Hunting Lodge announces that after the loss of funding from Sedgemoor District Council & after discussion with The National Trust it will have to begin charging for entry to the museum.

30/08/10 – John Page gave an interview to BBC Points West about the collection of Seals & Charters that were in Axbridge over the Pageant weekend.

28/08/10 .. 30/08/10 – After the Axbridge 2010 Pageant performances, John Page took short tours of Axbridge & then to the old Magistrates court (in the Town Hall) to see a collection of Seals & Charters. These were well received by all that attended.

20/07/10 – John Page will be delighting Friends of KJHL, visitors & guests to walking historical tours of Axbridge, pointing out seemingly hidden delights of Axbridge. Friends are FREE. Visitors & guests are £5 each. Contact the Company Secretary or John Page at the address below. 24th & 30th July.

24/04/2010 – King Johns Hunting Lodge had a successful ‘Official’ opening for the 2010 season, where many local dignatories attended in support of this excellent museum.

Cutting from Cheddar Valley Gazette

Cheddar Valley Gazette 24/04/10

11/04/2010 – A new exhibit, to coincide with the Official opening of the museum & the start of Somerset Heritage Month will be “Our Villages” the exhibition will highlight ancient and modern aspects of the many villages making up what used to be the Axbridge Rural District.

18/02/2010 – Ahead of the New Season, Custodian training days took place on Sat 16th Mar & Wed 11th March.

22/01/2010 – The King Johns Hunting Lodge is now hosted on a new server & is undergoing maintenance & rework ahead of the new season & the new exhibits.

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